The Chronogical Classics 1947-1951 (2013)

Jim Eanes - The Chronogical Classics 1947-1951
Artist: Jim Eanes
Publisher: Warped

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Track Title Length Composer Artist Lyrics Play
1 Scars Upon My Heart 2:58 Cliff Carlisle/Sidney Prosen Jim Eanes no_lyrics
2 Sundown And Sorrow 2:55 J.L. Frank/Pee Wee King Jim Eanes lyrics
3 Blue Eyes 2:31 Jim Eanes Jim Eanes lyrics
4 You Better Wake Up 2:15 Jim Eanes Jim Eanes no_lyrics
5 I Don't Care What Happens To Me 2:53 Jim Eanes Jim Eanes no_lyrics
6 After Tonight 2:46 Ike Carghill Jim Eanes no_lyrics
7 Missing In Action 3:02 Arthur Q. Smith/Helen Kaye Jim Eanes lyrics
8 Long Journey Home 2:56 Traditional Jim Eanes lyrics
9 Heartless Women 2:25 A.Q. Smith/Leonard Shersky Jim Eanes no_lyrics
10 Drunkard's Highway 2:37 Lester Hudler Jim Eanes no_lyrics
11 A Sweeter Love Than Yours I'll Never Know 2:46 Drusilla Adams/Bill Church Jim Eanes no_lyrics
12 Blue I'll Be Found 2:24 Jim Eanes/Leonard Shersky Jim Eanes no_lyrics
13 Ole Virginia Waltz 2:41 Jim Eanes Jim Eanes no_lyrics
14 Returned From Missing In Action 3:15 Drusilla Adams/Jim Eanes Jim Eanes no_lyrics
15 Tomorrow May Be Different 2:38 Jim Eanes Jim Eanes no_lyrics
16 (Down Among The) Budded Roses 2:56 Lou Erck/William York Jim Eanes lyrics
17 I Took Her By Her Little Brown Hand 2:20 Arthur Smith Jim Eanes no_lyrics
18 I'll Never Ever Love You Anymore 2:42 Jim Eanes Jim Eanes no_lyrics
19 Blue Yodel No. 1 2:18 Jimmie Rodgers Jim Eanes lyrics
20 Florida Blues 2:20 Arthur Smith Jim Eanes no_lyrics
Total time: 53:38