Lots Of Good Country & A Little Bit Of Bluegrass (2002)

Jim Eanes - Lots Of Good Country & A Little Bit Of Bluegrass
Artist: Jim Eanes & Eddie Clatterbuck
Publisher: Folly Records

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Track Title Length Composer Artist Lyrics Play
1 Saw Jim Reeves Up There 2:58 Chaw Mank/Betty Syme/G. Skipper Eddie Clatterbuck no_lyrics
2 Hold Back Tomorrow 2:49 L. Henley/M. Mathis Eddie Clatterbuck no_lyrics
3 Chicago's Lonely Streets 3:02 George M. Rozak/Marvin Myrtle Eddie Clatterbuck no_lyrics
4 When Cotton Played The Guitar 2:21 George A. Rozak-jr. Eddie Clatterbuck no_lyrics
5 From Her Head To Her Toes To Her Heart 2:46 Eddie Clatterbuck no_lyrics
6 Triflin' Woman 2:12 J. Striekland/D. Griffin Eddie Clatterbuck no_lyrics
7 This Is Where I Came In 2:51 Smillie Sutter Eddie Clatterbuck no_lyrics
8 Moon River 2:58 Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer Jim Eanes lyrics
9 Who's Gonna Feed Them Hogs 2:40 Tom T. Hall Jim Eanes lyrics
10 Baby Blue Eyes 3:07 Jim Eanes Jim Eanes lyrics
11 Wayne County Breakdown 2:14 Jim Eanes & Carl Hunt no_lyrics
Total time: 29:58