The Chronogical Classics 1941-1945 (2021)

Elton Britt - The Chronogical Classics 1941-1945
Artist: Elton Britt
Publisher: Warped

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Track Title Length Composer Artist Lyrics Play
1 Will You Wait For Me Little Darlin'? 3:16 Russ Hull/Ben Shelhamer-jr. Elton Britt no_lyrics
2 I'll Be In The Army For A Stretch 3:00 Bob Miller Elton Britt no_lyrics
3 Where Are You Now? 3:03 Bob Miller Elton Britt no_lyrics
4 She Taught Me To Yodel 3:03 Paul Roberts/Tom Emerson/Esther Van Sciver Elton Britt lyrics
5 Buddy Boy 3:07 Esther VanSciver/Bob Miller Elton Britt no_lyrics
6 I Hung My Head And Cried 2:32 Cliff Bruner/Jimmie Davis Elton Britt lyrics
7 There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere 2:40 Paul Roberts/Shelby Darnell Elton Britt lyrics
8 When The Roses Bloom Again 2:35 Nat Burton/Walter Kent Elton Britt lyrics
9 Someday You'll Want Me To Want You 2:46 Jimmie Hodges Elton Britt lyrics
10 Weep No More Darlin' 2:52 Vernon Baker/Elton Britt Elton Britt no_lyrics
11 The Best Part Of Travel 2:59 Bob Miller/Esther Van Sciver Elton Britt no_lyrics
12 I'm A Convict With Old Glory In My Heart 2:55 'Red River' Dave McEnery/Bob Miller Elton Britt no_lyrics
13 Soldier's Last Letter 2:59 Ernest Tubb/Redd Stewart Elton Britt lyrics
14 Goodbye May God Take Care Of You 2:38 Bob Miller/Esther Van Sciver Elton Britt no_lyrics
15 Ridin' With My Gal 2:45 Elton Britt no_lyrics
16 Darling What More Can I Do 3:13 Gene Autry/Jenny Carson Elton Britt lyrics
17 Don't Weep, Don't Mourn, Don't Worry 3:17 Tom Glazer/Butch Hawes Elton Britt no_lyrics
18 I'm All That's Left Of That Old Quartette 2:43 Fred Meadows/George B. McConnell/Charles J. McCarthy Elton Britt no_lyrics
19 Blueberry Lane 2:55 Bob Miller/David Lee Elton Britt no_lyrics
20 Blue Texas Moonlight 2:53 Eddie Smith/Layman Cameron Elton Britt no_lyrics
21 Wave To Me My Lady 2:49 Frank Loesser/William Stein Elton Britt lyrics
Total time: 61:00