A King And Two Queens (1964)

Judy Lynn - A King And Two Queens
Artist: George Jones & Melba Montgomery & Judy Lynn
Publisher: United Artists

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Rating 4/5

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Track Title Length Composer Artist Lyrics Play
1 Brown To Blue 2:37 George Jones/Johnny Mathis/Virginia Franks George Jones lyrics
2 Face 2:21 Melba Montgomery no_lyrics
3 Almost Out Of Hand 2:38 Judy Lynn lyrics
4 Wrong Number 2:30 Dickie Overby/George Jones George Jones lyrics
5 I Can't Change Overnight 2:20 George Jones/Johnny Mathis Melba Montgomery lyrics
6 Unexpected Guest 2:20 Judy Lynn no_lyrics
7 Without A Reason 2:33 G. Jones/J. Mathis George Jones no_lyrics
8 I'll Always Keep On Loving You 2:30 Melba Montgomery no_lyrics
9 My Tears Are On The Roses 2:35 Judy Lynn/A. Kennedy Judy Lynn no_lyrics
10 Please Talk To My Heart 2:47 Jimmy Lee Fautheree/Johnny 'Country' Mathis George Jones lyrics
11 Big Big Heartaches 2:19 Melba Montgomery lyrics
12 Antique In My Closet 2:33 Judy Lynn Judy Lynn lyrics
Total time: 30:03