The Chronogical Classics 1956 (2021)

Jimmy Wakely - The Chronogical Classics 1956
Artist: Jimmy Wakely
Publisher: Warped

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Track Title Length Composer Artist Lyrics Play
1 Tonight You Belong To Me 1:54 Billy Rose/David Lee Jimmy Wakely & Karen Chandler lyrics
2 Crazy Arms 2:56 Chuck Seals/Ralph Mooney Jimmy Wakely & Karen Chandler lyrics
3 Along The Santa Fe Trail 2:30 Al Dubin/Edwina Coolidge/Will Grosz Jimmy Wakely lyrics
4 It's A Lonely Trail 2:41 Vaughn DeLeath/Nick Kenny/Charles Kenny Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
5 Sierra Nevada 2:49 Joel Herron Jimmy Wakely lyrics
6 Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle 2:50 Leonard Whitcup/Teddy Powell/Walter Samuels Jimmy Wakely lyrics
7 There's A Gold Mine In The Sky 2:52 Charles Kenny/Nick Kenny Jimmy Wakely lyrics
8 It's Lonely On The Trail Tonight 2:36 Rhoda M. Volgamore/Jimmy Wakely/Lou Halmy Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
9 His Name Was Dean 2:32 Jimmy Wakely & George Cates' Orchestra no_lyrics
10 James Dean 2:42 Jimmy Wakely & George Cates' Orchestra no_lyrics
11 Jimmy Jimmy 2:12 Jimmy Wakely & George Cates' Orchestra no_lyrics
12 Giant 2:40 Jimmy Wakely & George Cates' Orchestra no_lyrics
13 Red River Valley 2:27 James J. Kerrigan Jimmy Wakely lyrics
14 Blue Shadows On The Trail 3:00 Eliot Daniel/John Lange Jimmy Wakely lyrics
15 True Love (Is A Sacred Thing) 3:19 Elizabeth Zax/Vivian Berger Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
16 Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie 2:34 Carson J. Robison Jimmy Wakely lyrics
17 We'll Rest At The End Of The Trail 2:55 Curt Poulton/Fred Rose Jimmy Wakely lyrics
18 The Hand That Swept The Stars 2:52 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
19 Blue Nosed Mule 2:21 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
20 Midnight Wind 2:27 Willing Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
Total time: 53:09