The Chronogical Classics 1951-1952 (2021)

Jimmy Wakely - The Chronogical Classics 1951-1952
Artist: Jimmy Wakely
Publisher: Warped

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Track Title Length Composer Artist Lyrics Play
1 (Heartsick Soldier On) Heartbreak Ridge 3:04 Ernest Tubb/Max Fidler/Nellie Kane Jimmy Wakely & Wesley Tuttle lyrics
2 Tennessee Rose 2:27 Jimmy Wakely & Wesley Tuttle no_lyrics
3 I've Got A Round Trip Ticket (From Here) 2:27 Jimmy Wakely & Wesley Tuttle no_lyrics
4 Missing In Action 3:11 Arthur Q. Smith/Helen Kays Jimmy Wakely & Arthur Q. Smith lyrics
5 I Learned To Love You Too Late 2:00 Jimmy Wakely & Margaret Whiting no_lyrics
6 Give Me More More More Of Your Kisses 1:49 Jimmy Beck/Lefty Frizzell/Ray Price Jimmy Wakely & Margaret Whiting lyrics
7 Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way 2:09 Louis Clark/Loys Southerland Jimmy Wakely & Margaret Whiting lyrics
8 The Flying Enterprise 3:17 Jimmy Wakely & Wesley Tuttle no_lyrics
9 Goodbye Little Girl 2:36 Jimmy Wakely & Les Baxter's Orchestrra & Chorus no_lyrics
10 Love Song Of The Waterfall 2:32 Bernard Barnes/Bob Nolan/Carl Winge Jimmy Wakely lyrics
11 Just Because 2:04 Bob Shelton/Joe Shelton/Sydney Robin Jimmy Wakely lyrics
12 Forgive Me 2:19 Jack Yellen/Milton Ager Jimmy Wakely lyrics
13 My Heart Has Room For You 2:25 Brasher Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
14 If You Would Only Be Mine 2:09 Jack Rivers Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
15 There's A Cloud In My Valley Of Sunshine 2:08 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
16 A Four Legged Friend 2:34 Jimmy Wakely lyrics
17 Pale Moon 3:01 Freddy Logan/Jacob Glick Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
18 I Went To Your Wedding 3:10 Jessie Mae Robinson Jimmy Wakely lyrics
19 Rainbow At Midnight 3:13 John Miller Jimmy Wakely lyrics
20 When It's Harvest Time Sweet Angeline 2:37 Kiso/Moret/Tobias Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
Total time: 51:12