The Chronogical Classics 1951 (2021)

Jimmy Wakely - The Chronogical Classics 1951
Artist: Jimmy Wakely
Publisher: Warped

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Track Title Length Composer Artist Lyrics Play
1 Lorelei 2:41 Cindy Walker Jimmy Wakely lyrics
2 Beautiful Brown Eyes 2:29 Jerry Capehart/Alton Delmore/Arthur Smith Jimmy Wakely lyrics
3 At The Close Of A Long Long Day 2:42 Billy Moll/Johnny Marvin Jimmy Wakely lyrics
4 Don't Be Lonely 2:26 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
5 Let's Go To Church 3:11 Steve Allen Jimmy Wakely lyrics
6 Did You Write A Letter To Your Sweetheart 2:31 Berle/Eddy Arnold Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
7 Cryin' Just For You 2:39 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
8 Till We Meet Again 2:12 Raymond B. Egan/Richard A. Whiting Jimmy Wakely & Margaret Whiting lyrics
9 Star Of Hope 2:43 Phil Boutelje/Harry Tobias/Emile Waldteufel Jimmy Wakely & Margaret Whiting lyrics
10 When You And I Were Young, Maggie Blues 2:09 George Washington Johnson/James Austin Butterfield Jimmy Wakely & Margaret Whiting lyrics
11 Why Am I Losing You 2:34 Jimmy Wakely & Margaret Whiting no_lyrics
12 Old Soldiers Never Die (They Just Fade Away) 2:19 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
13 I Like The Wide Open Spaces 2:23 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
14 If You Knew What It Meant To Be Lonesome 2:22 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
15 I'll Never Do A Thing To Hurt You 2:54 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
16 The Solid South 2:17 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
17 Another Fool Steps In 2:50 Jimmy Wakely no_lyrics
18 Gonna Walk With My Lord 2:22 Jimmy Wakely & Jordanaires Quartet no_lyrics
19 Let's Live A Little 2:40 Ruth E. Coletharp Jimmy Wakely & Margaret Whiting lyrics
20 I Don't Want To Be Free 2:32 D. Bryan/Paul Craft Jimmy Wakely & Margaret Whiting no_lyrics
21 Keep A Light In Your Window Tonight 2:31 Lester McFarland/Robert A. Gardner/Happy Jack Turner Jimmy Wakely lyrics
22 Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon 2:14 Rex Griffin Jimmy Wakely lyrics
23 Each Step Of The Way 2:31 Redd Harper Jimmy Wakely lyrics
24 Just A Little More Waiting 2:41 Jimmy Wakely & Lou Dinning no_lyrics
Total time: 60:53