Songs And Tunes Of The 50's (2LP Set) LP 1 (1988)

Bobby Atkins - Songs And Tunes Of The 50's (2LP Set)  LP 1
Artist: Bobby Atkins
Publisher: Old Homestead Records

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Rating 4/5

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Track Title Length Composer Artist Lyrics Play
1 Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me 2:38 Bonnie Dodd/Jimmie Davis Bobby Atkins lyrics
2 Love Is A Lot To Understand 2:40 Bobby Atkins Bobby Atkins no_lyrics
3 Making Believe 3:28 Hobson/Jimmy Work/John Reid Bobby Atkins lyrics
4 Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way 1:56 Louis Clark/Loys Southerland Bobby Atkins lyrics
5 I Overlooked An Orchid 3:28 Carl Smith/Carl Story/Shirly Lyn Bobby Atkins lyrics
6 If Tear Drops Were Pennies 2:30 Carl Buttler Bobby Atkins no_lyrics
7 Golden Curls 2:47 Bobby Atkins/Kemp Atkins Bobby Atkins no_lyrics
8 Not The Love I Have For You 2:54 Bobby Atkins Bobby Atkins no_lyrics
9 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke 2:35 Joe Maphis/Max Fidler/Rose Lee Maphis Bobby Atkins lyrics
10 Are You Teasing Me 2:47 Charlie Louvin/Ira Louvin Bobby Atkins lyrics
11 Book Of Memories 2:50 Ira Louvin/Charlie Louvin Bobby Atkins no_lyrics
12 Baby Blue Eyes 2:51 Jim Eanes Bobby Atkins lyrics
Total time: 33:24