More Country Tears (1995)

Smiley Bates - More Country Tears
Artist: Smiley Bates
Publisher: Heritage

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Rating 4/5

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Track Title Length Composer Artist Lyrics Play
1 Seashores Of Old Mexico 3:01 Merle Haggard Smiley Bates lyrics
2 Rosie Is Blue 2:46 Smiley Bates no_lyrics
3 The First Mrs. Jones 3:45 Bill Anderson Smiley Bates lyrics
4 The Lonely Sounds Of Night 2:27 Smiley Bates no_lyrics
5 Rockin' Alone In An Old Rockin' Chair 3:07 Bob Miller Smiley Bates lyrics
6 Old Tag 3:22 Smiley Bates no_lyrics
7 Sing Me A Song Papa 2:58 Smiley Bates no_lyrics
8 Big River Train 3:06 Johnny Mullins Smiley Bates lyrics
9 The Young Fisherwoman 4:04 Smiley Bates no_lyrics
10 Flowers For Mama 2:57 Al Rumley/Cindy Walker/Eddie Noack Smiley Bates lyrics
11 Angie Say You Love Me 3:30 Smiley Bates no_lyrics
12 House Of Shame 4:27 Dolly Parton Smiley Bates lyrics
13 Cumberland Waltz 2:41 Ray Benedict Smiley Bates no_lyrics
14 A Bad Seed Daddy Sowed 3:00 Peggy Forman Smiley Bates lyrics
15 Snow White Dove 4:00 Smiley Bates no_lyrics
Total time: 49:11