Dust On The Bible (1995)

Smiley Bates - Dust On The Bible
Artist: Smiley Bates
Publisher: Condor

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Rating 4/5

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Track Title Length Composer Artist Lyrics Play
1 Dust On The Bible 2:03 John Bailes/Walter Bailes Smiley Bates lyrics
2 Three Rusty Nails 3:39 Smiley Bates no_lyrics
3 Old Brush Arbors 2:04 Darrell Edwards/Orbie Ardis Smiley Bates lyrics
4 Thirty Pieces Of Silver 3:05 Smiley Bates lyrics
5 The White Rose 2:40 Carl Butler Smiley Bates no_lyrics
6 The Old Parson's Last Sermon 5:07 Jim Weir Smiley Bates no_lyrics
7 Roses In Heaven 3:02 Ray Benedict Smiley Bates no_lyrics
8 Jesus Died Upon The Cross 2:34 Smiley Bates Smiley Bates no_lyrics
9 Heaven 2:38 Boyd McSpadden/Elsie McWilliams Smiley Bates no_lyrics
10 Baptism Of Jessie Taylor 2:46 Dallas Frazier/Sanger D. Shafer Smiley Bates lyrics
11 Calling You 2:35 Hank Williams Smiley Bates lyrics
12 Each Ring Of The Hammer 3:58 Traditional Smiley Bates no_lyrics
13 Mom, Can You Hear Me 4:14 Jim Weir Smiley Bates no_lyrics
14 Flowers For Mama 2:52 Al Rumley/Cindy Walker/Eddie Noack Smiley Bates lyrics
Total time: 43:17